Numerous demonstrations will be held today around the world; in a bid to raise awareness of the human rights abuses committed by the Mugabe Regime. 

By the off chance that you are Zimbabwean and don’t know what the significance of 21 February is; then let me educate you. 

21 February is the birthday of Robert Mugabe and has been used as a gimmick to promote the youth in Zimbabwe. As a member of said youth, I don’t abide nor agree with the movement and so I have taken it as a time to call the Zimbabwean youth in Zimbabwe and abroad to unite against Mugabe’s Regime.  

So I took to Twitter in the early hours of this morning to raise awareness amongst the Youth in the Diaspora to attend various demonstration held around the world. 

I got the above question and that got me thinking; what really does the expression #CitizensUnite mean? I have noticed that we have a bad habit as humans of catching a bandwagon and running with it. So let’s dispel that. 

Hence, for the next couple of weeks we shall explore the meaning of this expression together and how to apply it in the Zimbabwean situation. True activism and true change can only be achieved as a joint effort among citizens.