An anonymous author wrote a letter to the online newspaper ZimEye to let the world know that Mugabe had collapsed during a family holiday. However welcome this news would have been had it been true; its disappointing to note that this seems to be another elaborate rumour. One gets the feeling that the state uses the online rumour mill to flush out all opponents to the regime. The internet becomes abuzz with word of his ‘death’ and in the background I can imagine the regime having a nice laugh at our expense.

To my mind this is just another attempt at raising hopes high and having them crushed back down again. A friend asked me quite candidly what this news would mean to us if by any chance it had been true. I laughed and said what we need now is hope and as the old saying goes,’cut the head, kill the beast.’

So moral to the latest ‘death/heart attack’ news; check the facts and bring out the champagne when you see an announcement on the State Owned paper or broadcaster.

Mugabe dead