Itai Dzamara is a journalist and political activist in Zimbabwe who has been missing for over 2 years now.

Itai was known for his Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS) movement that sought to campaign against the Mugabe regime.

Itai was the same brave activist who hand delivered a petition to the president of Zimbabwe asking that he resign and leave office.

On the morning of 9 March 2015, Dzamara was abducted by five unidentified men while at a barber shop in Harare’s Glenview suburb.

A few weeks later, with no word from anywhere and no sign of Itai; his brother Patson Dzamara held a press conference to notify the country that Itai had been abducted by the Zimbabwean Military Intelligence. Patson released a picture of Itai is captivity which he claimed had been given to him by intelligence insiders.


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